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book cover - Nicky and the Lost Sword

Nicky and the Lost Sword

In this sharp-witted and delightful story of epic adventure, Nicky journeys with his raven friend Hugin to Slovakia to visit his relatives. His uncle Bojmír teaches him swordsmanship and his cousin Sebastián ensnares him and Hugin in a time-travel experiment that sends them to the year 1490. There, Nicky must survive the Inquisition and solve the mystery of the local Knights Templar. When he and Hugin time-travel once more they end up where they least expected.

book cover - Nicky and the Lost Star

Nicky and the Lost Star

In this hilarious second book of the "Adventures of Nicky" series, Nicky returns to Saskatchewan where he finds himself ensnared in several mysteries at once: another treasure to be found, a romance, a parrot with a gift for languages and spy-craft, UFOs, ghosts and almost more adventure than he can handle. Now available in digital, print and audio formats.

book cover

Nicky and the Lost Templar

In this exciting and humorous first book in the "Adventures of Nicky" series, Nicky Reed spends the summer on Talon island in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia where he encounters talking ravens, the ghost of a Knight Templar who guards a fabulous treasure, a scheming villain, a magical mirror, a medicine woman and a mysterious one-eyed cat who maybe isn't a cat at all. Now available in digital, print and audio formats.


1) Nova Scotia:

Acadian Maple
13578 Peggys Cove Rd
Upper Tantallon, NS
Admiral Benbow
84 Montague St.
Lunenburg, NS
Atlantica Oak Island Resort
36 Treasure Dr.
Western Shore, NS
Beale's Bailiwick
124 Peggy's Pt. Rd.
Peggy's Cove, NS
Jennifer's of Nova Scotia
5635 Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, NS
Lexicon Books
125 Montague Street
Lunenburg, NS
Otis & Clementine
5209 St Margarets Bay Rd #102a
Upper Tantallon, NS
Pier 21 Museum of Immigration
1055 Marginal Rd
Halifax, NS
Ross Farm Museum
4568, Highway #12
New Ross, NS
178 Peggys Point Rd
Peggy's Cove, NS
The Sparkling Starfish / The Village Emporium
11 Pleasant St.
Chester, NS

2) New Brunswick:

Hopewell Rocks
Tidal Treasures Gift Shop
N 45° 49.706 W 064° 34.952
R & J Homestead Craft Barn
4135 Route 114
Hopewell Cape, NB
419 Main St
St. Martins, NB